To compare and contrast maintenance of root canal geometry using rotary NiTi systems – An in vitro study

Anant Patil, Shalini Aggarwal

Original research published in the June 2013 issue of Endodontology by Anant Patil and Shalini Aggarwal compared the maintenance of root canal geometry during root canal procedures performed on permanent tooth roots with severely curved canals. Three groups containing 15 samples each were prepared with WaveOne, ProTaper and OneShape (ed. also known as The Zone) respectively. The authors state that

“Within the limitations of the study conducted, (the) following conclusions were drawn:-

a. Amongst all the three filing systems tested for deviation in root canal and change in geometry of root canal the OneShape (The Zone) gave minimum values followed by ProTaper and WaveOne.
b. WaveOne gave the maximum deviation and change in geometry irrespective of the area in the root canal tested.
c. OneShape (The Zone) and ProTaper gave minimum difference in both the deviation and change in geometry though the difference was statistically significant.
The OneShape (The Zone) proves to have better control than WaveOne and ProTaper over the root canal geometry and deviation after preparation of the root canal system as instructed by the manufacturer.”

Dr. Barry H. Korzen

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