Category: Treatment Outcome

Comparison of Clinical Outcomes of Endodontic Microsurgery: 1 Year versus Long-term Follow-up

By Dr. Barry H. Korzen | Posted January 12, 2014

Recalling a patient to assess healing after endodontic treatment, whether surgical or non-surgical, has been a routine that most practitioners wisely follow. This paper examined and compared the clinical outcome of endodontic microsurgery after 1 year of follow-up and over a period of 4 years.

Incidence of Cholesterol in Periapical Biopsies among Adolescent and Elderly Patients

By Dr. Barry H. Korzen | Posted December 11, 2013

Cholesterol clefts are common histologic findings in periapical biopsies and their highly significant incidence among elderly patients may be a possible cause for the lack of repair. Therefore clinicians should be aware of the risk for persistent lesions after endodontic treatment in elderly patients.

Exuberant Biofilm Infection in a Lateral Canal as the Cause of Short-term Endodontic Treatment Failure: Report of a Case

By Dr. Barry H. Korzen | Posted April 26, 2013

A case is described in which signs and symptoms persisted in spite of the endodontic treatment following high standards to characterize a short-term failure. The need to develop strategies, instruments, or substances that can reach areas away from the main canal and achieve sufficient reduction in the infectious bioburden to permit predictable periradicular healing is discussed.