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Role of Ultrasonography in Differentiating Facial Swellings of Odontogenic Origin

By Dr. Barry H. Korzen | Posted April 23, 2014

A study published in the April 2014 Journal of Endodontics undertook to determine “if ultrasound were more accurate than a blind incision for drainage procedure in locating purulence…”. The study compared clinical examination plus ultrasonography versus clinical examination alone in differentiating cellulitis from abscesses in patients with facial swelling of odontogenic origin.

Outcomes of Hospitalizations Attributed to Periapical Abscess from 2000 to 2008: A Longitudinal Trend Analysis

By Dr. Barry H. Korzen | Posted September 10, 2013

In the September 2013 issue of The Journal of Endodontics Shah et al published a Longitudinal Trend Analysis of the outcomes of hospitalizations in the United States attributed to periapical abscess. The analysis looked at the years 2000 to 2008 and the findings were disturbing (e.g. over 61,000 hospitalizations and 66 deaths). As the authors state “Left untreated, periapical abscesses can have serious consequences that can lead to hospitalization.” Exerpts of this study could make interesting reading for your patients on your office website.

Use and abuse of Antibiotics

By Dr Ken Serota | Posted March 28, 2013

The world of bugs and drugs is in an endless state of flux.