Clinical Solution

Why The Zone® 2.0 Is the Ideal Single File System

By Dr. Barry H. Korzen

We have gone from a time when the only taper that was available was an .02 – to an entire range of tapers, from systems that incorporated more than a dozen instruments, to the recent concept of using a single file. But make no mistake, one file alone cannot shape a root canal from orifice to apex. The orifice must be flared, a Glide Path must be established and the working length must be verified. So how does a “Single File System” come into play when each of these steps require files of different sizes, diameters and characteristics? Because for the vast majority of cases, The Zone® 2.0, an instrument  that has been uniquely designed to do the work of multiple instruments, can be used to create the ideal shape that will allow for ultimate clinical success.

Click on the video below to see Why The Zone® 2.0 Is the Ideal Single File System.


The Zone 2.0 – The Ideal Single File System from The Endo Academy on Vimeo.

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