Clinical Solution

The Glide Path

By Dr. Barry H. Korzen

Establishing a proper Glide Path to ensure an unimpeded progression of all instruments from the coronal orifice to the apical constriction is one of the most important steps, on the way to endodontic treatment success.

With some cases, once proper access has been created, all that is necessary is to confirm that the canal is ready for cleaning and shaping. But with teeth with large restorations, especially in older patients, it isn’t unusual to find that the natural defense mechanisms that have kicked in while the pulp was trying to recover from long-term irritants (e.g. pulp stones, the formation of reparative dentin creating a narrowing of canals, etc.),  have now become an impediment to successful endodontic treatment. And properly establishing the Glide Path, even though time consuming in those difficult-to-treat cases, will permit proper completion of the endodontic therapy.

Click on the 4 minute video below for a review of the preparation of a proper Glide Path.

GLIDE PATH PREPARATION from The Endo Academy on Vimeo.







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