Clinical Solution


By Dr. Barry H. Korzen

If canal constrictions prevent stainless steel hand files from easily reaching the Estimated Working Length (EWL),  Zendo’s continuous rotation NiTi SOLO Pathfinder file has been specifically designed for effective glide path preparation.
  • The Pathfinder SOLO has a 3% taper combined with a #14 apical tip size used in full rotation giving you the ideal combination to create an unencumbered path from coronal to apex.
  • Avoids the pitfalls of using stainless steel hand files, such as ledging and canal transportation.
  • Safety and efficiency are maximized by utilizing an asymmetrical cross-section for effective debris elimination.
  • Available in 21, 25 and 29mm lengths
  • Made in France by Micro Mega

The SOLO is taken to the EWL by slowly progressing to the apex without applying pressure and with copious irrigation. If resistance is met, withdraw the file from the canal, wipe the flutes clean and restart the movement. Finally, use a #15 K stainless steel file to determine Working Length (WL) electronically and/or radiographically followed by the Zenith multi-file system or The ZONE 2.0 single file technique for efficient and effective root canal cleaning and shaping.

Rotation speed: 250 – 400 rpm  Maxi torque: 1.2 or 122 g-cm

SOLO Pathfinder for easy Glide Path Preparation from on Vimeo.

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