Mandibular Second Molar (3.7) – Professor Franck Diemer

By Dr. Barry H. Korzen

Professor Diemer treated this case using the Revo-S system from MicroMega. In North America Revo-S is available as the Zenith system from


Professor Diemer received his dental surgery’s doctorate in 1995 at the University of Toulouse, France. He also holds a Master in Science and Medical Biology (1998), a postgraduate diploma in pedagogy (2001), and a PhD from the Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France (2006). He is associate professor in the Toulouse Dental Surgery’s University, at the head of Endodontics department. Dr Diemer is a member of the French National College of Teachers in Dentistry (CNEOC), of the French Society of Endodontics (SFE) and of the scientific committee of Toulouse Dental Surgery’s University. Dr. Diemer has full hospital practice and is attached to the Clement Ader Institute, Toulouse, France (Surface, Machining, Materials and Tools team – EA 814). He has presented numerous lectures and continuing education, and published many national and international articles.


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