Endodontic Diagnosis: A case discussion – Part 1

By Dr. Barry H. Korzen

Proper diagnosis is the cornerstone on which our patients rely when trying to decide whether or not to proceed with the options given them by their dentist. After reading the findings from the examination please take the short, 2 question survey. The follow-up posting will be the survey results along with a description of how the treating dentist proceeded.

The patient is a 47 year-old female who attended her general dentist for a routine examination. She was asymptomatic at the time and the radiographic examination was carried out because it had been a while since her last full mouth series was taken.

On reviewing the radiographs the dentist noticed a resorptive lesion on the maxillary right lateral incisor.

Concerned about the implications of this lesion the patient was referred to an endodontist who gave the patient 2 options: either treat the lesion with orthograde endodontics, or do nothing and observe the lesion over time with the possibility that an increase in the size of the lesion will weaken the root structure and ultimately lead to the loss of the tooth.


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