Category: Retreatment

Endodontic Retreatment followed by Periapical Surgery

By Dr. Pavel Cherkas | Posted July 15, 2014

The patient had been referred to a periodontist who subsequently recommended extraction of tooth 4.6 which had a non-healing lesion following initial endodontic treatment. The patient wanted to retain the tooth and sought a second opinion.

Non-surgical Endodontic Retreatment

By Dr. Valery Baev | Posted December 8, 2013

Clinical decisions are made after considering multiple factors. In this case both the status of the existing crown and the visibly undertreated areas of the root canal led to the decision to undertake non-surgical retreatment through the crown.

Case study from Dr. Valery Baev – Apexification Procedure Using Calcium Hydroxide

By Dr. Valery Baev | Posted June 6, 2013

Calcium hydroxide induced apexification followed by non-surgical endodontics showed clinical and radiographic healing after 20 months.

Retreatment of a Lower Molar with 3 Distal Canals

By Dr. Michael Trudeau | Posted May 13, 2013

Two year recall following retreatment of a lower molar in which the distal root had three canals.

Recall after non-surgical endodontic retreatment

By Dr. Michael Trudeau | Posted April 28, 2013

Two and a half year follow-up following non-surgical retreatment.

Retreatment using the CBCT to Guide the Microscope

By Dr. Michael Trudeau | Posted April 23, 2013

Using the CBCT to guide the microscope, we were able to find, and treat the missing anatomy of a lower molar.

Favorable Disease Centered Outcome

By Dr. Michael Trudeau | Posted April 18, 2013

Retreatment of a lower premolar shows excellent healing after one year.