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Concentrated platelet-rich plasma used in root canal revascularization: 2 case reports

By Dr. Barry H. Korzen | Posted December 23, 2013

Two case reports of immature teeth with necrotic pulps treated with cPRP and their clinical and radiographic follow-up over 12 months. These cases, even though far from routine, illustrate the lengths to which the profession will go in order to retain the natural tooth.

Apexogenesis: A Case study from Dr. Valery Baev

By Dr. Valery Baev | Posted June 15, 2013

A pulpotomy was performed on a seven year old with a deeply decayed lower molar. Eight months later there was radiographic evidence of apexogenesis.

Case study from Dr. Valery Baev – Apexification Procedure Using Calcium Hydroxide

By Dr. Valery Baev | Posted June 6, 2013

Calcium hydroxide induced apexification followed by non-surgical endodontics showed clinical and radiographic healing after 20 months.