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Endodontic treatment of the maxillary first molar with five root canals – Three case reports

By Dr. Barry H. Korzen | Posted January 19, 2014

Three cases reporting a similar configuration on the pulp chamber floor with the presence of both a MP and DP canals are discussed. As the authors stated in the report “Although the incidence is low, possible variations in the most common anatomic configurations may be present and should be explored.”

Retreatment using the CBCT to Guide the Microscope

By Dr. Michael Trudeau | Posted April 23, 2013

Using the CBCT to guide the microscope, we were able to find, and treat the missing anatomy of a lower molar.

Morphologic Micro–Computed Tomography Analysis of Mandibular Premolars with Three Root Canals

By Dr Ken Serota | Posted April 11, 2013

While NOT a true case study in the classical sense, it is nonetheless a reminder that every case begins with a thorough and extensive knowledge of the root canal anatomy. The root canal space has been codified by insurance needs into “n” canals and in many cases, consultants […]